Change URL in Notification Emails sent by XLRelease


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By default when sending email notification XLRelease use internal URL configured to connect to XLRelease, you may want to change it.




This can be done using one of below ways,

  • Initially During manual installation of XLRelease as mentioned under HTTP configuration section in manual setup page from our Documentation, you will see below question during setup in which you can specify that URL,
    Enter the public URL to access XL Release
  • In current XLRelease version which is already installed and running you will need to update XL_Release_Server_HOME/conf/xl-release-server.conf and add below line,

      Where PublicURL can be something like
      Then you will need to restart XLRelease server in order to apply those changes.


In some cases you may need to change that URL, for example if you have a domain name on load balancer which need to be used.

Additional Information

Attached xl-release-server.conf which is an example of configurations with server.url set to Public URL


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    Thanks for the info. I'll get it added (and was surprised it wasn't there).

    Based on the sample you sent me, we're also missing the following four variables in our .conf file. They look like they matter to DeployIt, not XL-Release, but I'd like to make sure. Should I be adding these to our .conf file?

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    Ibrahim Elshal

    Hello Sparker,
    Thanks for your question.
    Sample xl-release-server.conf file used here is the default one shipped with vanilla installation of XLRelease .. however as you mentioned those flags are used for XLDeploy so no issues if you didnot add them in XLRelease.
    Please donot hesitate to reach us in case of any issues.