Change Temporary location "/tmp" used by XLDeploy packages import


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/tmp directory is used for deployment packages import because those packages needs to be extracted to scan for placeholders, you may need to change that path to different location.




In order to avoid that we can change that location to another path than /tmp, this can be done useing flag as below,

  • Modify the XL_Deploy_server_Home/xld-wrapper-linux.conf "for linux" or xld-wrapper-win.conf file "for Windows" and add this flag for java option, 
     (N is the next number in line on your option)
  • If you have installed XLD as a service then you will have to re-install the service otherwise just restart XLD.

in some cases package imports may fail with error no space left on the device if /tmp become full.

Additional Information

Attached xld-wrapper-linux.conf which is an example of configurations with set to different path /var/tmp.


Below is Example of error you may receive while importing package fail because /tmp is full,

Error: Could not copy /tmp/1480513451729-0/file.dar/web-1.0.war AP/web-1.0.war to /tmp/temp-web-1.0.war AP336096708659721712/web-1.0.war while importing Applications/WebApp/0.1/web-1.0.war AP No space left on device

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