Increase Server timeout settings for custom rest endpoints


Ibrahim Elshal -


Default server timeout for requests is 60 seconds in some cases this is not enough so you will need to increase it.


XLDeploy, XLRelease


In order to apply that you will need to add new configuration file reference.conf, so please proceed with below,
1- Create file reference.conf manually under XLD-R-HOME/conf, as this file is not there. 

2- Add below into it to change timeout to 120 Seconds,

xl {
    server-extension {
        timeout = 120 seconds

3- restart XLDeploy/XLRelease Server.


When having a custom rest endpoint using the jython API, and you try to invoke this service, XLD/XLR sends a response after 60 seconds of "The server was not able to produce a timely response to your request", you will also see below error in XLDeploy logs for example,

akka.pattern.AskTimeoutException: Ask timed out on [Actor[akka://extension-servlet-system/user/extension-rest-api/$l#1155800752]] after [60000 ms]

 You can simply reproduce this by having python script with time.sleep(100)

Additional Information

Before XLDeploy 5.0, file application.conf was used to configure that value but this is changed latter and this value is being set within code, only way to override it is using reference.conf file.

This is part of XLPlatform So it applies for both XLDeploy and XLRelease.


 XLDeploy,XLRelease, CustomRestEndpoint