Wrapper shutting down XLD with "ping between java application and wrapper timed out" Error


Shashank Srivastava -


Sometimes, XLD seems to have shut itself down without any obvious reasons when it is installed as service.


XL Deploy


1. Increase the value of wrapper.ping.timeout property in XLD_HOME/conf/xld-wrapper-linux.conf or 

XLD_HOME/conf/xld-wrapper-win.conf file.

Default value is 30 seconds, so increase it to a reasonable value like 120.

2. Uninstall the XL Deploy service.

3. Reinstall the XL Deploy service.


This happens when XL Deploy application is not able to communicate with the Wrapper because of high load. Wrapper continuously pings XL Deploy application and if it doesn't get a reply back from XL Deploy, it shuts it down.

Additional Information

Below error is seen in logs.

INFO|19064/0|Service XL Deploy Server|17-01-30 14:50:29|Missing wrapper ping within timeout of 30000
WARNING|19064/0|Service XL Deploy Server|17-01-30 14:50:32|ping between java application and wrapper timed out. if this this is due to server overload consider increasing wrapper.ping.timeout
XL-Deploy, wrapper, unexpected shutdown


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