Error "The deployable for this deployed is missing" while trying to deploy to a Container


Shashank Srivastava -


User may see above error in XLD Repository tab while deploying their application to a Container.




Check if Tags have been defined for the Infrastructure/Container and the Application you are deploying. Tags *MUST* be specified in both the items i.e. 

Infrastructure/Container and the Application. If Tags are missing from any of these, it will result in above error. If you don't intend to use Tags, remove it from either of the CIs. In the nutshell, Tags are absolute entities. Either they must be present on both the CIs or they must be absent from both the CIs.


Tags, by their vary nature, are meant to facilitate deployments by identifying correct Container. If it is missing from any of the CIs, it will result in error.

Additional Information

"The deployable for this deployed is missing" message in XLD Deployment tab.


XL-Deploy, minor