Controlling Who Approves A Particular Phase Using Manual Task


Shashank Srivastava -


Many a time, there is a need to review a particular phase (or a complete release) to make a decision whether it must be approved(Completed) or rejected(Skipped/Failed). XLR's Manual task helps achieve this. But sometimes, we need only a group of people to control these Manual tasks. This KB article deals with how we can control Manual tasks execution.


XL Release

Steps To Be Performed
  • Create users that you want to be able to approve the Manual task(s). Lets assume, you create james & brian users in XLR who will approve those tasks.
  • Create a Role, say, Approvers.
  • Add james & brian principals/users to this above created Role Approvers.
  • Open your Template & click Show Teams & Permissions dropdown. There you will see a button New team. Click on it to create a new team. Lets call this New team Approvers Team.
  • Under Global roles tab, add the Role Approvers to this team Approvers Team & then click Save.
  • Click Show Release flow dropdown & select your Manual task. You will see Assigned to there at the bottom-let corner. Click on it (the pencil icon) & XLR will show you the available Teams. Choose your team Approvers Team here. See the attached screenshot. Please note that I named my Role & Team as "Approvers" only.


  • Again click on Show Teams & Permissions dropdown. You will find numerous permissions here that you can choose. Just click Add under Teams tab to add your team against the mentioned permissions.


Additional Information
Any Release created from this Template will have your Manual task restricted to users within your Role Approvers. Other users won't be able to assign this task to themselves.

To test your steps, log-out & log-in as a different user, say, john. Then create a new Release from that Template & start it (provided john has Create & Start Release permissions). Now try to assign the manual task to yourself. You will find that you can't assign it. Now log-out & log-in as either james or brian. Create and Start the release & try assigning the task. You will be able to assign the task & take action.


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