How to manage Application Dependencies in XLD Deployment Package when using Maven plugin?


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You are using Maven plugin to create/import/deploy an XLD package & want to manage Application Dependencies.

Suppose there is an Deployment Package FrontEnd (version 1.0.0) that depends on another Deployment Package BackEnd (version 2.0.0). You are deploying FrontEnd package using Maven plugin & want it to manage BackEnd package.


XL Deploy

Steps to Perform

Create your dependent Deployment Package

BackEnd (version 2.0.0) as described above. Now modify your pom.xml file as below.

You can see that I have included dependency under deploymentPackageProperties node.

        <entry key="BackEnd">[2.0.0,2.0.0]</entry>

Now your generated DAR package FrontEnd will reference this BackEnd application & will get deployed along-with this one.


Ensure that dependent package is already present in XLD & has the correct version as configured in pom.xml file. 

Additional Information

More information can be had from the below link.

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