How to add unmanaged Webserver to Managed was installation and map modules to servers.


Rohit Yadav -


Due to cost constraints related to having a webserver on Managed was installation, you would like to use a webserver that is defined on unmanaged was installation from your managed was installation.


XL Deploy, WAS 

How it works.

1. You need to add an umnaged webserver in the Infra and add it to Managed was infra. Right click on Infrastructure -> overtherehost -> New -> Unmanaged web server.

2. Add the unmanaged web server in WAS console of Managed server from System Administration-> Node> Add Node -> Unmanaged Node. Then add the webserver in Servers -> Server Types -> Webservers. Make sure it shows green i.e. available. 

3. Add the webs server in was.DeploymentManager under the web servers tab as per the screenshot.

4. In the deployable was.ear go to Deployment tab and provide the string under Addtional Install Flags.

-MapModulesToServers [[ PetClinic petclinic.war,WEB-INF/web.xml WebSphere:cell=vagrantCell01,node=vagrantNode01,server=server1+WebSphere:cell=vagrantCell01,node=apache,server=apache ]]

5. Upon deployment, you will see that the application is mapped to both the servers. In this example apache is a webserver running on Unamanged server. 


Please see the attached PDF with screenshots for your reference.


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