How to update a Release using XLR REST API?


Shashank Srivastava -


You have an already existing Release that you want to update using our public API.


XL Release

Steps to Perform
  • Find details (JSON skeleton) of the Release you want to update. Run a GET call against that Release. You may use a REST client, such as Postman or Insomnia, for this. You can also use cURL command.
  • GET call above will reveal the existing details like Title & Description(if present). In my case, description was absent. Below is the relevant snippet.
  "id": "Applications/Release110517441",
  "type": "xlrelease.Release",
  "$token": "099e4fdf-0ef9-4f6e-a7e8-49539d20881c",
  "$createdBy": "admin",
  "$createdAt": "2017-05-04T06:36:38.134+0200",
  "$lastModifiedBy": "admin",
  "$lastModifiedAt": "2017-05-17T04:05:42.746+0200",
  "title": "IntegrationDemo Release for jenkins-Integration Demo-5",
  "owner": "admin",
  • Copy this entire output so that you have a proper JSON skeleton for your Release.
  • Change method to PUT & then under Body tab (with raw & application/json selected), paste the above copied output. See the below screenshot.

  • Add a description property (mentioned below) just below title. See the above screenshot for more information.       

"description": "Integration Demo with XLR & Jenkins",
  • Click Send button & your Release description will be updated. See below screenshot.


While updating the Release, you need to send in the whole JSON skeleton & not just the property to be updated.

Additional Information

You can also update the Release by creating a new JSON file with the updated description (based on the actual JSON skeleton for your Release) & then running below cURL command. update.json is the JSON file with modified description.

curl -uadmin:admin -X PUT -H "Content-Type:application/json" http://localhost:5516/api/v1/releases/Applications/Release110517441 -d @/tmp/update.json

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