How to convert Overthere CIFS hosts to SMB hosts & vice-versa?


Shashank Srivastava -


Sometimes you need to convert your Overthere CIFS hosts to SMB hosts & vice-versa. There are various reasons for this conversion, one being better performance & security in SMB v2 over CIFS.  


XL Deploy

Steps to Perform

1. Download "xld-credential-on-host" Plugin.

You need to download this jar file from below link & place that in your XLD_HOME/plugins directory.

2. Clone Smb Converter plugin repository.

Now clone the Smb Converter plugin repository to your XL Deploy server & extract the zip file. It will contain a directory called oc & a README.MD file along with a synthetic.xml file. Copy this oc directory to your XLD_HOME/ext directory. Then add the below synthetic definition to your XLD_HOME/ext/synthetic.xml.

<type-modification type="overthere.SmbHost">
        <method name="ConvertToCifs"
                label="Convert to Cifs"
                description="Convert to Cifs"

    <type-modification type="overthere.CifsHost">
        <method name="ConvertToSmb"
                label="Convert to Smb"
                description="Convert to Smb"
Please note that you need to add the definition which is mentioned above between already existing opening & closing synthetic tags. 

3. Restart XL Deploy server.

Now that we have our directory structure & customisations ready, we will now need to restart XL Deploy server to reflect the changes.

4. Start Conversion.

Once your XL Deploy server is up, navigate to Repository tab & then to Infrastructure. Now right-click your Overthere CIFS or SMB host. You will find an option to convert it to respective host.


Upon clicking this option, you will be directed to a page where yon need to execute this conversion.

If you click Execute button, conversion will start.


Click the refresh button on XL Deploy GUI to reload the repository. Its located on the left pane next to the search icon.

Now, if you again check your host, you will find that its type has changed & it now reflects the new overthere type.



Make sure your synthetic.xml file is correct. You only need to add the definition between opening & closing

synthetic tags. Please note that this Articles has been tested to work on XL Deploy 6.0.1 & 7.0.0. From version 7.0.1 onwards, this conversion doesn't work because of bug related to security. This bug has been fixed in an upcoming release (7.5)

Additional Information

Refer to plugin's GitHub Page for more information.


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  • Avatar
    Kevin McAllorum

    I have found that the converter in the community does not work on 7x. But 6.0.2 It does work.

  • Avatar
    Shashank Srivastava

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, there was a security related bug which has been fixed in XL Deploy version 7.5.0. So, this functionality is available in that version.

  • Avatar
    Ramgopal Paripati

    Does this work in XL Deploy version 8.0.10?. I am trying to convert cifs to smb and it does not work. The type does not change even though the conversion completes successfully. I even added print commands in the to make sure the ID is correct and it is going into that if/else section.

  • Avatar
    Sarthak Dash Mohapatra

    Does this work in XLD 8.5.3? It is failing for us. Please let me know if you have any new files or documentations that we can follow to successfully convert our cifs hosts to smb.

  • Avatar
    Ashok Thakur

    Does this work in XL Deploy version 8.5.3? I followed your all steps, but it am getting this error message "Unknown property 'smbPort' found in database for known type 'overthere.CifsHost' [CI_ID = 13999]".