Introducing XL Release 4.5.0


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Release 4.5.0. This major version of XL Release includes many new features to help you improve release automation, such as task preconditions, time-based triggers, increased support for variables, and extended API functionality.

The new features of XL Release 4.5.0 will help you work toward DevOps, while preserving security controls such as mutual authentication, permission control for users who can add and modify scripts, and limitations on report access.

Please see below for the release notes, and don't forget to review the upgrade manual for general and version-specific upgrade instructions. 

Kind regards,

The XebiaLabs Team


  • [REL-1636] - Export of a completed release to Excel should include counters
  • [REL-1637] - Use full name of users in Excel exports
  • [REL-1639] - Hide Alerts section of Release Summary for completed releases
  • [REL-1865] - Add favicon to the GUI
  • [REL-1867] - Allow users to update status and flag of release from a Python script
  • [REL-1910] - Extend HTTP REST API with new functionality
  • [REL-1936] - In reports, only show releases that user has permission to view
  • [REL-2049] - Add SVN trigger plugin to XL Release distribution
  • [REL-2051] - Make username/password fields optional while configuring XL Deploy in XL Release
  • [REL-2052] - Access an overview of all releases on a given day from the calendar
  • [REL-2053] - Require confirmation to delete a role
  • [REL-2121] - Publish HTTP REST API documentation
  • [REL-2187] - Support composite packages in XL Deploy variable content assist

Bug fixes

  • [REL-1644] - Show all items in Release Flow menu for completed releases
  • [REL-1845] - Prevent connection between XL Release and XL Deploy from failing on Windows environment in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 8
  • [REL-1964] - Ensure that plugin task properties are not cleared when restarting a phase
  • [REL-2017] - Correct link to "Read more about variables" documentation
  • [REL-2124] - Prevent XL Deploy tasks from failing if XL Deploy server uses SSL
  • [REL-2138] - Prevent filter by title or tag in Template Overview from losing focus while user is typing
  • [REL-2139] - After closing a template tab, close the template editing pane
  • [REL-2149] - Ensure that XL Deploy task fails when connection to XL Deploy server is lost
  • [REL-2168] - Add description of API endpoint to Jython documentation
  • [REL-2176] - Ensure that "run as" user is copied when starting a release
  • [REL-2188] - Prevent XL Deploy task from failing with NullPointerException
  • [REL-2189] - Ensure that triggers are executed after a task fails when "abort on failure" is true and "allow multiple concurrent triggers" is false
  • [REL-689] - Identify XL Deploy variables if used outside an XL Deploy task