Deployit 3.5 is out!


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Deployit version 3.5 is out! 

From the press release:

XebiaLabs Launches Deployit 3.5 Accelerating Speed to Market with Industry’s Only Algorithm-Based Application Release Automation Platform

New Unified Deployment Engine, Extensible Middleware Plugins and Command Plugin Empower Application Release Teams with Automation, Accuracy and Faster Time to Market

Boston, Mass – August 16, 2011: XebiaLabs, the leading provider of enterprise-class application release automation solutions, today announced version 3.5 of its deployment automation platform, Deployit.

Deployit 3.5 features a comprehensively updated Unified Deployment Engine (UDE) that runs a patented algorithm to automatically calculate a deployment plan. This algorithm-based function ensures error-free and speedy delivery of applications, for every deployment, and guarantees enterprise, cross-platform scalability.

Deployit 3.5 features include:

Unified Deployment Engine (UDE) – Uses a patented algorithm to automatically calculate a deployment plan based on the required deployment components and configurations

Extensible Plugins for all major middleware stacks – Gives enterprises a plug and play platform that can easily accommodate any existing or future infrastructure – even hybrid environments

Command Plugin – Allows companies to leverage their existing scripts in combination with the UDE

Deployment Quality Dashboard – Compares historical deployments with newly automated deployments to provide greater visibility into the deployment process

Dictionaries – Allows users to manage application-specific data in one place so that they can be referenced from multiple deployments
Support for and Easy Migration to WebSphere 8 – Ensures existing deployment components are automatically considered in an upgrade

For more information, contact us through this website or see the XebiaLabs website.