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Deployit version 3.5.1 has been released today. This is a bug fix release. These are the release notes:


Release Notes - Deployit Product Backlog - Version deployit-3.5.1

** Bug
* [DEPLOYITPB-2099] - Dots in placeholder keys are not supported
* [DEPLOYITPB-2155] - The Repository "create" window is not closed if the user navigates to another top-level tab
* [DEPLOYITPB-2171] - Tooltips describing validation errors do not appear
* [DEPLOYITPB-2197] - When doing a deployment update, file placeholders are not updated if their corresponding Dictionary value changes
* [DEPLOYITPB-2198] - DEPLOYIT-485: Changing file serving to false causes results in a corrupt deployment screen
* [DEPLOYITPB-2201] - Cannot delete package that has already been undeployed, in some circumstances
* [DEPLOYITPB-2202] - Upgrade: based dictionary property values of a Deployed are not updated
* [DEPLOYITPB-2205] - Regex for placeholder scanning only matches lower case extensions
* [DEPLOYITPB-2220] - Temporary file created by pojo converter cannot be deleted on Windows.
* [DEPLOYITPB-2221] - Temporary file created by importer cannot be deleted on Windows.
* [DEPLOYITPB-2223] - Admin password displayed when connecting with Telnet
* [DEPLOYITPB-2224] - When Upgrading, modifying the targetPath cause errors during the execution of the plan
* [DEPLOYITPB-2225] - Default destroy/create implementation for modify in the generic-plugin uses settings for the new deployable for the destroy step
* [DEPLOYITPB-2227] - Default value in conf/ is not updated if the defined default changes
* [DEPLOYITPB-2232] - Files copied to the session work directory with the same name as an existing file there partially overwrite the existing file
* [DEPLOYITPB-2234] - Leading and trailing whitespace of properties is not preserved
* [DEPLOYITPB-2239] - Cannot set a default value for an inherited field
* [DEPLOYITPB-2248] - Error while trying to save discovered items, when the discovered item contain some unfilled 'required' fields
* [DEPLOYITPB-2252] - CopiedArtifact in the generic-plugin doesn't support placeholders
* [DEPLOYITPB-2253] - Required boolean values cannot be set to 'false'
* [DEPLOYITPB-2263] - Deploying to a large environment causes user interface to be unresponsive and sometimes hangs.
* [DEPLOYITPB-2270] - Boolean properties can not be required
* [DEPLOYITPB-2271] - Plugin CIs in a different package to com.xebialabs are not scanned.

** Improvement
* [DEPLOYITPB-1497] - DEPLOYIT-495: Allow arguments to be passed to scripts executed using the -f flag

** Story
* [DEPLOYITPB-1993] - As a user, I want the steps in a steplist to be sorted by order, then addition order so the result is predictable (and sort deployeds by alphabet!)



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