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We are pleased to announce the release of Deployit 3.6.0. This release adds the following features to the Deployit product:


Tag-based Deployments

In complex environments, you need more strategies for configuring an initial deployment. Using tag-based deployments, Deployit can automatically map CIs in your packages to middleware in your environment by matching up those with corresponding tags such as "frontend/backend", "public/private", etc. Combine this with property placeholders and dictionaries and Deployit can automatically configure even the most complex deployments.


Control Tasks

In day to day operations, you will often need to carry out maintenance activities outside of a deployment context. Deployit 3.6's new control tasks allows privileged users to start, stop, etc. your middleware and deployed resources directly from Deployit's CLI or GUI. Add your own control tasks as necessary.


Release Authorization plugin (separate download)

Deployments usually happen in the context of a software release management process, which tries to safeguard when, how and by whom deployments can be performed. In Deployit 3.6, it is possible to automatically enforce your organization's conditions, such as mandatory change tickets or test requirements. Set conditions per environment and Deployit verifies these conditions before any changes can be made.


Database plugin (bundled with Deployit, free for current customers)

The database plugin makes it possible to deploy SQL scripts to Oracle, DB/2 and MySQL using the 3.5 extensible plugin API. Optionally supply rollback SQL scripts for your database changes and carry out bulk updates using SQL folder support. Deployit's UDE automatically ensures smart delta upgrades running only files that have not been previously executed.


Webserver plugin (bundled with Deployit, free for current customers)

Deploy static content (HTML pages, images, etc.) and configuration (virtual hosts, rewrite rules, etc.) to your Apache or IHS webservers. Start, stop, reload configuration, etc. using 3.6 control tasks.


JBoss plugin (if covered by your Deployit license agreement)

Deployit's JBoss plugin is now available using the 3.5 extensible plugin API. Discover JBoss installations and deploy applications and resource specifications to JBoss AS servers 4, 5 and 6.


Tomcat plugin (if covered by your Deployit license agreement)

Deployit's Tomcat plugin is now also available using the 3.5 extensible plugin API. Deploy applications and resource specifications to virtual hosts on Tomcat servers 5.5 and 6.0.


The new Deployit release and plugins can be downloaded from the following URLs using your existing credentials:



The XebiaLabs team

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