Deployit 3.0.7 released


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Deployit version 3.0.7 has been released today. This is a maintenance release.

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Release Notes - Deployit 3.0.7

Major functional changes

  • Repository garbage collection - when Deployit server is shutdown, the repository garbage collector is invoked to reclaim disk space freed up by deleting artifacts from the repository.


* [DEPLOYITPB-1115] - Clean up packages.Remove AnimalZoo and remove dummydatasource from petclinic
* [DEPLOYITPB-1178] - Dummy extension file is included in the distribution
* [DEPLOYITPB-1430] - NPE while adding trying to save a mapping after adding some key/value pairs
* [DEPLOYITPB-2282] - deployit dictionary plugin: boolean values are not saved
* [DEPLOYITPB-2724] - DeployIT 3.0.6 repeated errors output
* [DEPLOYITPB-2834] - Spurious NPE when shutting down the server by sending a POST request to the /deployit/server/shutdown resource
* [DEPLOYITPB-2873] - Deployit repository retains history of deleted CIs