Deployit 3.6.2 released


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Deployit version 3.6.2 has been released today. This is a maintenance release.

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Release Notes - Deployit 3.6.2

Major functional changes

  • Default tty allocation - the setting overthere.SshHost.allocateDefaultPty now defaults to false instead of true since this is the more common case.

Bugs fixed

* [DEPLOYITPB-1402] - Cannot set the Deployit server's bind address via the configuration
* [DEPLOYITPB-2282] - deployit dictionary plugin: boolean values are not saved
* [DEPLOYITPB-2296] - LDAP configuration ignores the 'principalProvider' argument
* [DEPLOYITPB-2383] - When uploading the package, the resteasy framework leaves temporary files
* [DEPLOYITPB-2626] - Encoding problems with French caracters
* [DEPLOYITPB-2755] - The copied python script doesn't work on Windows host configured with WinRM since the run time is not copied.
* [DEPLOYITPB-2843] - NPE during import
* [DEPLOYITPB-2865] - Ghost window with dead buttons appears if there are unresolved placeholders
* [DEPLOYITPB-2872] - Deployment fails with error message:$TooManyClauses: maxClauseCount is set to 1024
* [DEPLOYITPB-2873] - Deployit repository retains history of deleted CIs


* [DEPLOYITPB-2301] - Make the LdapPrincipalProvider's group cache timeout configurable
* [DEPLOYITPB-2686] - Support 'userSearchBase' and 'groupSearchBase' options in LdapLoginModule/LdapPrincipalProvider
* [DEPLOYITPB-2836] - Allow user to filter/query CI's based on the lastModified date
* [DEPLOYITPB-2867] - Exclude files from placeholder scanning and replacing using a regular expression