Deployit 3.6.4 released


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Deployit version 3.6.4 has been released today.

Check the releases notes below and download your copy from

    Kindest regards, The XebiaLabs team. 

Release Notes - Deployit 3.6.4

Major functional changes Major functional changes

  • Upgraded to Overthere 1.0.16:
    • Default value of overthere.SshHost.allocateDefaultPty is now false to prevent problems with OpenSSH on AIX or WinSSHD.
    • Added hidden property overthere.SshHost.sudoOverrideUmask that, when set, causes permissions to be explicitly changed with chmod -R go+rX after uploading a file or directory with scp.


  • [DEPLOYITPB-2900] - Surpress the CLI banner when executing a script.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2961] - Make it possible to change the server's context root.

Bugs fixed

  • [DEPLOYITPB-2233] - Retrying a ScriptExecutionStep after initial failure causes an NPE in SshSftpFile:60.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2302] - LdapPrincipalProvider caches the result of a "get groups for user" query even if the user credentials are invalid.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2686] - LDAP user/search base documentation is missing.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2758] - Validation error when saving a CI on the repository browser leads to an XML popup.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2804] - The spinners on the Reports tab are active and hogging the CPU.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2894] - Archives in generic.Folders processed by TrueZIP for placeholders are not copied to target machine.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2902] - Tag-based deployment : unmatched tag forbids manual mapping.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2904] - No valid error message on import / no message in GUI.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2907] - [generic-plugin] Uploaded classpathResources for ExecutedScript are not released and cannot be executed.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2918] - Unable to import DAR file.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2939] - Save packages downloaded from a URL for import under their original filename.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2940] - Packages downloaded from a URL are saved as temporary files with missing/invalid extensions.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2941] - Cannot use absolute directory to store the JCR repository on Windows.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2956] - Fixed bug where a user DN with spaces caused its group membership check to not return anything.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2959] - When the DN of a user entry contains a comma, it will not receive the permissions granted to the groups it is a member of.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2976] - Placeholder are incorrectly replaced with HTML encoded values.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-2985] - Dictionary substitution with <empty> does not work.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3010] - Cannot execute existing files (.bat, .exe) on Windows using SSH/Cygwin (e.g. needed by the WAS and WLS plugins).