Deployit 3.7.0 released


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Dear Deployit community

We are pleased to announce the availability of Deployit 3.7.

This release adds the following features to the Deployit product:

 .NET plugin

Deployit extends it's agentless deployment solution to include deployments of .NET applications to Microsoft middleware (IIS and MSSQL). Now you can leverage Deployit's key features and benefits -- autoflow, dictionaries, security, reporting, extensibility -- across platforms to implement one best practice for all deployments, company-wide.


Release Dashboard

The Release Dashboard gives real-time insight into an applications progress through the deployment pipeline. You can easily keep track of which version runs where and which conditions must be met before a version can be promoted to the next environment. Deployit enforces that a deployment to the next stage in the pipeline is only allowed when these conditions are satisfied.


Composite Packages

Many companies have applications consisting of separate components developed by independent teams. At some point during their lifecycle, the components are packaged together to form the final business application. Using composite packages, components can be packaged and deployed together, forming a new application version. The composite package has its own deployment lifecyle and pipeline, making it a first-class citizen in Deployit.



Orchestrators give deployers fine-grained control over the deployment plan. By choosing an orchestrator for your deployment, you influence in what order components are deployed to target middleware to achieve, for instance, a high-availability deployment. Orchestrators are also pluggable so Deployit extenders can create their own.


Security permissions

Deployit already contained a sophisticated security system. Now, the maintenance of security permissions is improved as well. Use the GUI to display and maintain security permissions.

In addition to these features, you'll notice many small improvements to the Deployit GUI, all designed to make working with our product as easy as possible. The Deployit 3.7 documentation can be found on


* Important: Automatic migration of a 3.5 or 3.6 repository

When it starts, Deployit 3.7 will migrate your pre-3.7 repository to the new 3.7 structure. Please read the Upgrade Manual for an exact description of the changes made to the repository.


Downloading Deployit 3.7.0 and Plugins

You can download the release from the following locations with your regular username and password. Note that access to plugins is restricted according to your license.

Deployit -

WAS plugin -

WMQ plugin -

WLS plugin -

OSB plugin -

JBoss plugin -

Tomcat plugin -

Maven plugin -


Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team