Deployit 3.7.4 released


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Dear Deployit community

We are pleased to announce the release of Deployit 3.7.4. This is a maintenance release following the major release of Deployit 3.7.

The release is available for download from


Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team

Release Notes


[DEPLOYITPB-3390] - File handle to DAR not released after import
[DEPLOYITPB-3393] - User is unable to choose between multiple possible deployeds in the UI
[DEPLOYITPB-3471] - Checked permissions on SecurityService
[DEPLOYITPB-3481] - Composite packages are undeployed in the wrong order
[DEPLOYITPB-3482] - 100k limit in Python files when a file is passed to deployit cli
[DEPLOYITPB-3486] - The report "Deployment in a date range" is STILL not sorted
[DEPLOYITPB-3496] - Step logs are not shown in UI when there is only a single step
[DEPLOYITPB-3503] - TrueZIP cannot replace placeholders in an archive with name != filename
[DEPLOYITPB-3509] - Sorting of the Key Deployment Indicators numeric columns (successful, aborted, retried deployments) is done alphabetically
[DEPLOYITPB-3510] - The GUI does not show an error when the server refuses to create an artifact CI type
[DEPLOYITPB-3517] - Cannot unselect an optional single CI reference
[DEPLOYITPB-3518] - Archiving tasks uses the environment name which aggregates reporting data for environments with the same name in different directories
[DEPLOYITPB-3519] - The scroll wheel doesn't work on the new version (3.7.3)
[DEPLOYITPB-3524] - Simple user with only login permission can block the deployit server