Deployit 3.7.5 released


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Dear Deployit community

We are pleased to announce the release of Deployit 3.7.5. This is a maintenance release following the major release of Deployit 3.7.0.

The release is available for download from

Release Notes

Major functional changes


  • [DEPLOYITPB-3547] - Changed the label for the property "members" on the type "udm.Environment" to "Containers".
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3589] - Allowed a type-modification in a synthetic.xml to contain zero properties.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3613] - Moved the "tags" and "deploymentGroup" properties to the "Deployment" category.

Bug fixes

  • [DEPLOYITPB-3540] - Step output not properly HTML encoded before being shown in an HTML component.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3558] - Set "-inputformat none" for PowerShell invocations to avoid the hang described in
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3580] - Add BasePowerShellDeployableFileArtifact to powershell-plugin.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3582] - Not more than 25 applications shown in report selector.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3586] - AutoFlushingExecutionContextOverthereProcessOutputHandler is not used in the command-plugin.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3608] - Stopped plan still shows as EXECUTING in the UI when the first step fails.

Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team