WAS plugin 3.8.0 released


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Dear Deployit community

We just released version 3.8.0 of the WAS plugin. This release makes the plugin compartible with Deployit 3.8 and contains few bugfixes and improvements:

  • DEPLOYITPB-3869: Confusing error when discovering WAS from CLI
  • DEPLOYITPB-3504: Added @Placeholders validation
  • DEPLOYITPB-3764: WAS discovery fails
  • DEPLOYITPB-3719 WAS Queue should not have ...
  • DEPLOYITPB-3594 Fix
  • Zendesk #406: Check if application has started anyway on SOAP timeout.
  • DEPLOYITPB-3384 Import time at right spot
  • DEPLOYITPB-3384 Wait for application to be deployed before looping.
  • DEPLOYITPB-3384 Log output
  • DEPLOYITPB-3384 Wait for application to be deployed before attempting to start it.
  • DEPLOYITPB-1488 - Start of application fails if application is already running, even partially.
  • DEPLOYITPB-2716 - Added control task support to WAS.
  • DEPLOYITPB-1989 : Renamed extractContainers function to findAllContainers.
  • DEPLOYITPB-1989 : Renamed flattenTopology function to extractContainers.
  • DEPLOYITPB-1989 : Made inspections scripts easier to extend.
  • DEPLOYITPB-3577 Use Deployit 3.8 Step API.
  • DEPLOYITPB-3594 Added checkpoints to WAS plugin.


Plugin is available to be downloaded: http://tech.xebialabs.com/download/was-plugin/3.8.0/

Online documentation: http://docs.xebialabs.com/releases/3.8/was-plugin/wasPluginManual.html

Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team

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    while downloading a was  3.8.0 plugin,i'm getting the authentication failed error,even though i enter correct username,and password.

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    XebiaLabs Support

    Could you please create a new ticket here: http://support.xebialabs.com/tickets/new and specify the username and password you are trying to use?

    Also please check if you still can download 3.7.1 version.