Deployit 3.8.1 released


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Dear Deployit community

We are pleased to announce the release of Deployit 3.8.1. This is a maintenance release following the major release of Deployit 3.8.0.

The release is available for download from

Release Notes


  • [DEPLOYITPB-3760] - Add option to disable "keep me logged in" checkbox
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3761] - Add option to automatically log out users
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3961] - Support '*' and '+' as universal tags in deployables/containers.
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3979] - CLI: Add searchByName method that searches the repository
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3927] - Remove commons-logging from Deployit server distribution

API Changes

  • [DEPLOYITPB-3976] - REST API: Replace HEAD /security/check/{permission}/{id:.*?} with GET


  • [DEPLOYITPB-2222] - Clicking close on tab after initial/upgrade/undeploy does not refresh the deployed applications browser
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3779] - Repeated WARN "transient property [jee.War.scanPlaceholders] should not have been persisted."
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3844] - file.Folder CIs uploaded as ZIPs via the UI are not expanded during deployment
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3845] - Tasks that are restored when the GUI is restarted show up in the wrong workspace
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3875] - Recovered task hangs and cannot be aborted
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3894] - New values in deployables do not override values on prior deployeds
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3906] - NPE when CI reference in MANIFEST.MF point to non-existent entry
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3911] - UI shows enabled Rollback, Skip and Pause buttons for recovered control task
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3928] - SKIP steps should be gray in UI
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3934] - CLI does not display reason for NotFoundException (404)
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3935] - Exception while upgrading from 3.6.4 to 3.8
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3936] - Subtypes of Overthere.Host do not show the new "terminal" icon
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3937] - Cannot find /Configuration when upgrading from 3.6.4 to 3.8
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3939] - "compare" discloses values for items in udm.EncryptedDictionary
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3943] - new security API does not have a getPermissions function
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3945] - Security exception in log when logging in as non-admin
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3952] - Username and principal name in different caps are incorrectly remembered
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3963] - No more than 25 applications are shown in the application filter select box on the deployment-done-in-a-date-range report parameters screen
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3967] - Completed tasks are not archived when you close them with the [X] button
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3969] - Application name returned in PackageInfo contains directory information
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3975] - Discovery menu in UI gives wrong suggestions for discovery
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3977] - CLI should have script name in argv[0] even when arguments absent
  • [DEPLOYITPB-3997] - Rollback should use current DeployedApplication's orchestrator and transient properties.

Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team