WLS plugin 3.8.1 released


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear Deployit community

We just released version 3.8.1 of the WLS plugin. This is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues:

DEPLOYITPB-4031 Fixed itests before vagrantizing
DEPLOYITPB-4107: If operation is NOOP, do not generate stop / start wls.Contaieners
DEPLOYITPB-4074: Do not expose password on the command line
DEPLOYITPB-4015: Allowing to change the order of cleanup-jms-module step.
DEPLOYITPB-4000: wls.Domain implements wls.WlsContainer
DEPLOYITPB-3909 Renamed contributors to better indicate what they do.
DEPLOYITPB-4000: wls.Domain implements wls.WlsContainer
DEPLOYITPB-3954: implemented for 3.8
DEPLOYITPB-3909 Add new option STOP_START on wls.Resource
DEPLOYITPB-3891: Fix for wrong jar files

The release is available for download from http://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/wls-plugin/3.8.1/

Kind regards,

Mike on behalf of The XebiaLabs Team