WLS plugin 3.7.2 released


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Dear Deployit community,

We just released version 3.7.2 of the WLS plugin. This is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues:

DEPLOYITPB-3572: Error when adding boolean property in nested objects in the wls.DataSource
DEPLOYITPB-3607: WebLogic plugin does not allow specifying of different connection protocol
DEPLOYITPB-3573: Deploy wls.JmsJDBCPersistenceStore on wls.JmsServer
DEPLOYITPB-3574: Deploy wls.JmsFilePersistenceStore on wls.JmsServer
DEPLOYITPB-3587: Allow to start and stop a wls.Server using a task
DEPLOYITPB-3588: Allow to start and stop a wls.Cluster using a task
DEPLOYITPB-3605: Allow user to configure non-standard location of wlst.sh

The release is available for download from http://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/wls-plugin/3.7.2/

Kind regards,

The XebiaLabs Team

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