Deployit 3.9.2 released


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Dear Deployit community,

We are pleased to announce the release of Deployit 3.9.2. This is a minor release containing some improvements and bug fixes.

The release is available for download from

Release Notes


  • [DEPLOYITPB-2306] - Added ability to update a discovered topology
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4039] - Added ability to generate a virtual deployable type
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4383] - Added ability for a packager to specify the placeholder format in the manifest
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4473] - Added a .NET/IIS application in the deployit-server distribution
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4530] - Ported "options" approach from powershell-plugin to generic-plugin
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4652] - Added autoPrepareDeployeds to CLI, REST API and GUI
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4660] - Added detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 text files with BOMs in deployable artifacts and preserve their encoding during placeholder replacement
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4661] - Added detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 text files with BOMs in the plugin templates and scripts and read them with the correct encoding
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4733] - Added a way to find DeployedApplication given Environment and package to REST
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4742] - Added ability to resize/maximize balloon window and other popup windows

Bug fixes

  • [DEPLOYITPB-3381] - Empty tags (tags containing only spaces that are stripped) should not be allowed
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4147] - Validations on Embedded deployeds do not work properly in the UI
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4619] - NPE when generating a deployed with embedded deployeds for a deployable that has no embedded deployables
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4627] - Opening history comparison for deployed throws PathNotFoundException: $configuration.item.type
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4633] - Special characters ($ and `) are not escaped in PowerShell strings
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4635] - Error or incorrect behaviour on update to package that adds or removes embeddeds
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4642] - Old-style 'DeploymentStep' steps causes exception during planning
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4664] - Tooltip mentions magic placeholder values <EMPTY> and <IGNORE> but should be <empty> and <ignore>
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4705] - Rollback of an update deployment is incorrect
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4706] - Duplicate type definition accepted
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4718] - MSSQL wrapper script should not add transaction
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4725] - Repository Garbage sometimes can not be started (again)
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4734] - ItemConflictException when rolling back a deployment with an embedded CI
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4739] - RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassCastException [/deployment/validate]: com.xebialabs.deployit.engine.api.dto.ValidatedConfigurationItem cannot be cast to com.xebialabs.deployit.plugin.api.udm.Deployed
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4743] - Import breaks with large file.Folder artifacts
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4753] - Workdirs are not cleaned up after a task has finished


Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team.

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