WLS Plugin 3.9.1 and OSB Plugin 3.9.2 released


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear Deployit community,

We are pleased to announce the release of WLS plugin 3.9.1 and OSB Plugin 3.9.2. These are minor releases containing improvements.

The releases are available for download from:

Release notes for WLS Plugin 3.9.1


  • [DEPLOYITPB-4814] - Allow user to specify an explicit hostname to use when connection to the WLS admin server
  • [DEPLOYITPB-4815] - Add ability to generate wlst from a template

Release notes for OSB Plugin 3.9.2


  • [DEPLOYITPB-4827] - Added com.bea.common.configfwk_1.7.0.0.jar to configfwkLibs property to support OSB


Kind regards,

The XebiaLabs Team