XL release 2.0 released


XebiaLabs Support -

We are pleased to announce the release of XL release 2.0.

XL release is an enterprise release coordination software solution that allows you to:

  • Plan, track and execute release plans from code drop to end user
  • Pro-actively avoid release delays and failures by tracking pending tasks, risks and dependencies
  • Accelerate your delivery process by replacing manual with automated tasks and standardizing release plans.

By providing a single source of truth and increasing the level of automation and standardizing the release process, XL release helps you deliver higher quality software faster.

XL release is for everyone who needs to work on, manage or report on a release.

Existing XL release customers can download the software from http://tech.xebialabs.com/download/xlrelease/2.0.1. If you are interested in a demo or trial of XL release, please contact XebiaLabs sales at info@xebialabs.com.

Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team.