WAS plugin 3.9.0 released


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Dear Deployit community,

We are pleased to announce the release of WAS plugin 3.9.0. This is a major release of the WAS plugin.

The distribution can be downloaded from: https://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/was-plugin/3.9.0/

The release notes are available on the documentation site. For your convenience the list of changes follows:

New features

  • [DEPL-3275] - Add support for generic JMS CIs
  • [DEPL-3276] - Additional JDBC providers and data sources
  • [DEPL-3277] - Add support for CustomService
  • [DEPL-3278] - Add support for ThreadPool
  • [DEPL-3279] - Add support for ListenerPort
  • [DEPL-3280] - Add support for ServerPort
  • [DEPL-3281] - Add support for WorkManager
  • [DEPL-3282] - Add support for ResourceEnvironmentEntry
  • [DEPL-3283] - Add support for ServletCacheInstance
  • [DEPL-3287] - Add support for StringNamespaceBinding
  • [DEPL-3288] - Add support for Variable
  • [DEPL-4248] - Add support for deploying to dynamic clusters
  • [DEPL-4249] - Add support for creating / modifying / setting mode of dynamic cluster via control tasks
  • [DEPL-4250] - Add support for discovering dynamic clusters
  • [DEPL-4251] - Add support for service policies
  • [DEPL-4252] - Add support for deployment of health policies
  • [DEPL-4254] - Add support for deploying editioned applications
  • [DEPL-4255] - Add support to create / modify dynamic clusters of ODRs via control tasks
  • [DEPL-4257] - Add support for discovery of dynamic clusters of ODRs
  • [DEPL-4316] - Add support for Resource Environment Providers
  • [DEPL-4879] - Add support for MailSession and MailProvider
  • [DEPL-5028] - Add support for SiBus
  • [DEPL-5032] - Add support for Keystore, CopiedKeystoreFile and SSLConfig


  • [DEPL-3285] - Improve support for JaasAliases, push changes to runtime automatically
  • [DEPL-4165] - Improvements to was.WmqQueue
  • [DEPL-4167] - Improvements to was.WmqQueueConnectionFactory
  • [DEPL-4666] - Add ability to control WAS container and deployeds
  • [DEPL-5031] - Add sharedLibraryNames property (LIST_OF_STRING) to was.Module
  • [DEPL-5142] - Make JDBC provider and datasource scripts idempotent

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-2757] - Topology discovery fails when there are multiple servers defined
  • [DEPL-3695] - Discovery says "Inspecting cell ..." twice
  • [DEPL-3735] - Connection test fails when deploying an Oracle datasource
  • [DEPL-4281] - Incorrect default for WAS cell port in description
  • [DEPL-4350] - Start application step fails - hangs in an infinite loop
  • [DEPL-4409] - Make stop, start script on was.Module not required
  • [DEPL-4609] - Only WAR's should be mapped to web servers, not EJB's
  • [DEPL-4910] - JAAS alias script will fail if multiple Security objects exist
  • [DEPL-5006] - Discovery fixes for data sources, JDBC Providers, MQ Queue connection factory, MQ Queue
  • [DEPL-5221] - Duplicate shared library check is too broad
Kind regards,

    The XebiaLabs Team