WAS plugin 4.5.0 released


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Dear XL Deploy community,

We are pleased to announce the release of WAS plugin 4.5.0. This is a major release of the WAS plugin.

The distribution can be downloaded from: https://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/was-plugin/4.5.0/

The release notes are available on the documentation site.

IMPORTANT: This release introduces new CIs, enhances existing CIs and deprecates CIs from websphere extensions plugin. It is recommended to create a backup of the repository prior to the upgrade. First start after the upgrade requires users to interactively accept execution of automatic migration tasks - XL Deploy will not start until you read and accept notice displayed on console. This release is compatible with XL Deploy 4.0.1+, was-plugin-extensions 4.5.0 (available from https://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/was-plugin-extensions/4.5.0/) and wps-plugin 4.5.0 (available from https://tech.xebialabs.com/download/plugins/wps-plugin/4.5.0/). This release is not compatible with older versions of dependant plugins (i.e. websphere portal plugin) and may conflict with custom extensions.

For your convenience the list of changes follows:

New features

  • [DEPL-3284] - Add support for J2CActivation
  • [DEPL-4166] - Add support for WmqActivationSpecification
  • [DEPL-5661] - Extend discovery to all deployeds of was-plugin
  • [DEPL-5802] - Add support for configuring server-specific application settings
  • [DEPL-5803] - Add support for configuring session management
  • [DEPL-5804] - Add support for configuring Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI)
  • [DEPL-5805] - Add support for configuring ports
  • [DEPL-5806] - Add support for configuring web container
  • [DEPL-5807] - Add support for configuring JVM and process management
  • [DEPL-5809] - Add support for configuring EJB container
  • [DEPL-5810] - Add support for configuring transaction service
  • [DEPL-5812] - Implement DeploymentManager control tasks (start/stop/restart deployment manager and node agents)
  • [DEPL-5813] - Add support for UnmanagedWebServer and plugin-cfg generation
  • [DEPL-5815] - Implement ManagedServer control tasks (start/stop/restart/create/destroy)
  • [DEPL-5816] - Add support for FileSynchronizationService
  • [DEPL-5817] - Add support for setting CustomProperties on arbitrary containers
  • [DEPL-5826] - Implement Cluster control tasks (start/stop/create)
  • [DEPL-5828] - Add support for CoreGroup
  • [DEPL-5830] - Add support for EjbNameSpaceBinding
  • [DEPL-5831] - Add support for IndirectNameSpaceBinding
  • [DEPL-5834] - Add support for ORBService
  • [DEPL-5835] - Add support for URLProvider
  • [DEPL-5836] - Add support for URLResource
  • [DEPL-5837] - Add support for TimerManager
  • [DEPL-5838] - Add support for Scheduler
  • [DEPL-5839] - Migrate changes to Datasource type
  • [DEPL-5850] - Add support for J2CResourceAdapter
  • [DEPL-5854] - Add support for J2CAdminObject
  • [DEPL-5868] - Add support for configuring core group service
  • [DEPL-5894] - Add support for configuring logging and tracing
  • [DEPL-5937] - Filter CI, SET_OF_CI and LIST_OF_CI properties by cell (requires XL Deploy 4.0.1+)
  • [DEPL-6081] - Support specification of properties on modules inside was.Ear
  • [DEPL-6104] - Add support for SIBusMember
  • [DEPL-6112] - Add support for SIBWMQServer


  • [DEPL-3821] - Add "hostname" to was.DeploymentManager connection options
  • [DEPL-4292] - Document that a "port" value of 0 for a WAS cell will suppress the -port argument
  • [DEPL-5029] - Extend was.WmqQueueConnectionFactory
  • [DEPL-5162] - Add virtualHostName property (STRING) to was.Module
  • [DEPL-5230] - Add webserverNames property (SET_OF_STRING) to was.Module
  • [DEPL-5483] - Extend was.Module type
  • [DEPL-5485] - Extend was.WmqTopicConnectionFactory
  • [DEPL-5820] - WebSphere MQ JMS provider not being detected during discovery

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-5401] - ListenerPort does not support deploying to Cluster anymore
  • [DEPL-5442] - WAS discovery fails if a proxy server cluster is present
  • [DEPL-5519] - ListenerPort fails when deployed to a was.Cluster
  • [DEPL-5818] - J2CConnectionFactory discovered as SibQueueConnectionFactory
  • [DEPL-5819] - ResourceEnvironmentEntry and ResourceEnvironmentProvider detected at wrong scope during discovery
  • [DEPL-5822] - ServletCacheInstance detected at wrong scope during discovery
  • [DEPL-5823] - WorkManager detected at wrong scope during discovery
  • [DEPL-5825] - Creation of ThreadPool fails if it's not on the server scope
  • [DEPL-5909] - MailSession created on first MailProvider found


Kind regards,

The XebiaLabs Team.