XL Deploy 4.0.0 to be released in March 2014


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Dear XL Deploy community,

First of all, to harmonize the names of the products in the XebiaLabs product suite, we have renamed Deployit to XL Deploy.

Having said that, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of XL Deploy in March 2014 with a lot of exciting new features! Once the release is available, the download details will be made available on this forum.

Release Notes

Major changes since Deployit 3.9.0

  • Declarative parallel deployment support:
    • Deploy to many servers in parallel with the push of a button using your existing packages, environments and plugins.
    • Support for different parallelization strategies, including "parallel by server", "parallel by deployment package" and "parallel by deployment group".
    • Improve performance and resource utilisation and decrease downtime, all out of the box with no changes required.
  • Declarative staging support:
    • Check a box to stage files to target servers before the deployment starts.
    • Works out of the box for all your plugins and deployments.
    • Improve performance and decrease downtime. 
  • Schedule deployments for execution at a later time:
    • Prepare a deployment ahead of time and get it executed when load on your application is low.
Improvements since Deployit 3.9.0:
  • [DEPL-2157] - Included empty synthetic.xml in the ext directory
  • [DEPL-2306] - Added ability to update a discovered topology
  • [DEPL-3359] - Allow user to define the repository location during DAR import
  • [DEPL-3487] - Inject previousDeployed instance in the freemarker context in the generic plugin
  • [DEPL-3569] - Obfuscate cli.password property in CLI configuration file
  • [DEPL-3570] - Document that the CLI configuration file must be called "deployit.conf"
  • [DEPL-3792] - Include overthere documentation in the remote plugin documentation
  • [DEPL-3828] - Use different credentials to start/stop a container
  • [DEPL-4039] - Added ability to generate a virtual deployable type
  • [DEPL-4256] - Ignore empty tags
  • [DEPL-4315] - Add support for z/OS
  • [DEPL-4354] - Ask user for confirmation when moving a CI
  • [DEPL-4383] - Added ability for a packager to specify the placeholder format in the manifest
  • [DEPL-4473] - Added a .NET/IIS application in the deployit-server distribution
  • [DEPL-4530] - Ported "options" approach from powershell-plugin to generic-plugin
  • [DEPL-4603] - Make services.Repository returns artifacts when invoked from a contributor or a step
  • [DEPL-4604] - Allow nested container to be started, stopped and restarted
  • [DEPL-4620] - Add ability to send HTML email notifications from trigger plugin
  • [DEPL-4621] - Add ability to generic Containers to upload classpath and templated resources for stop/start actions
  • [DEPL-4622] - Add ability to generic control task delegate to manage classpath resources, resolving host and executing multiple steps.
  • [DEPL-4625] - Username field does not have focus on login screen
  • [DEPL-4652] - Added autoPrepareDeployeds to CLI, REST API and GUI
  • [DEPL-4660] - Added detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 text files with BOMs in deployable artifacts and preserve their encoding during placeholder replacement
  • [DEPL-4661] - Added detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 text files with BOMs in the plugin templates and scripts and read them with the correct encoding
  • [DEPL-4662] - Add property to DeployableArtifact that specifies character encoding of the file(s)
  • [DEPL-4667] - Removed PDF documentation from the release
  • [DEPL-4733] - Added a way to find DeployedApplication given Environment and package to REST
  • [DEPL-4742] - Added ability to resize/maximize balloon window and other popup windows
  • [DEPL-4775] - int properties defined in CI's in java cannot be optional. Optional integer properties defined in the synthetic.xml are now properly optional.
  • [DEPL-4800] - Set of CI kind in DIP does not remove item when selected
  • [DEPL-4808] - Add global permission report#view so access to reports can be restricted
  • [DEPL-4811] - Add support for "classpathResources" to BaseExtensiblePowerShellDeployed
  • [DEPL-4837] - Update bundled-plugin documentation to include examples in XML manifest format
  • [DEPL-4859] - Add "executeModifiedScripts" and "executeRollbackForModifiedScripts" properties to ExecutedFolder CI in to support running modified SQL files.
  • [DEPL-4881] - Set checkpoint after first SQL script executed
  • [DEPL-4893] - Set properties of a deployed application from matching properties on a udm.Version (deployment package)
  • [DEPL-4911] - Give warning for required asContainment properties of SET_OF_CI, LIST_OF_CI
  • [DEPL-4940] - Add winrs-backed implementation of WinRM
  • [DEPL-5008] - Run multiple PowerShell scripts in a single PowerShell session
  • [DEPL-5011] - Improve description of generic containers in generic plugin documentation
  • [DEPL-5012] - Description of Manual Process has a typo (inststructions)
  • [DEPL-5050] - Document that values from EncryptedDictionary are not resolved in plaintext properties
  • [DEPL-5053] - Allow symlinking of cli.sh and server.sh scripts to other locations
  • [DEPL-5057] - Not possible to specify a proxy for the cli
  • [DEPL-5059] - Provide more fine-grained control over stopping and starting containers
  • [DEPL-5072] - Allow static Java methods to be invoked from FreeMarker templates
  • [DEPL-5073] - Add localShellScript and localShellScripts delegates
  • [DEPL-5228] - Added REST API to get the effective dictionary for an environment.

Bugs fixed since Deployit 3.9.0

  • [DEPL-3381] - Empty tags (tags containing only spaces that are stripped) should not be allowed
  • [DEPL-3558] - Execution of PowerShell steps on localhost hangs
  • [DEPL-4147] - Validations on Embedded deployeds do not work properly in the UI
  • [DEPL-4159] - Python daemon (wsadmin/wlst) does not work with WinRM. Upgraded to Overthere 2.2.2.
  • [DEPL-4347] - The "Deployments done in a date range" report only shows names
  • [DEPL-4411] - Import package button not visible when package name is long
  • [DEPL-4449] - Unnecessary unsaved changes warning when opening editors with large text input fields
  • [DEPL-4456] - When (de)selecting tabs with long titles, the tab positions jump around a lot
  • [DEPL-4494] - Error message "Key must have a value" badly worded
  • [DEPL-4503] - Task reassignment completion message is confusing
  • [DEPL-4505] - Task monitor is not resized when the browser window is resized
  • [DEPL-4507] - "Blue arrows" are drawn starting from virtual right hand side of the list of deployables
  • [DEPL-4509] - No progress indicator shown while task preview is generated
  • [DEPL-4545] - Buttons on step list (skip,stop,abort, etc.) should be disabled once pressed and processing is busy
  • [DEPL-4569] - NPE when using a host template without marker file connection options
  • [DEPL-4572] - REST API is not backwards compatible with 3.8.x clients
  • [DEPL-4575] - Task recovery file not removed when task is cancelled
  • [DEPL-4589] - The CreateOptions & ModifyOptions properties should be hidden
  • [DEPL-4593] - If excludeFileNamesRegex matches the name of the uploaded ZIP for a folder, nothing is scanned
  • [DEPL-4598] - Subpermission names (e.g. deploy undeploy) do not render on narrow screens
  • [DEPL-4602] - sql.SqlScripts doesn't take the destroyOrder into account when destroying
  • [DEPL-4613] - Generic Plugin - Add ability to resolve set_of_string values to values stored in other properties.
  • [DEPL-4616] - Pending tasks should be archived to prevent to lose them if the deployit server restarts
  • [DEPL-4619] - NPE when generating a deployed with embedded deployeds for a deployable that has no embedded deployables
  • [DEPL-4624] - Fixed storing of embeddeds
  • [DEPL-4627] - Opening history comparison for deployed throws PathNotFoundException: $configuration.item.type
  • [DEPL-4633] - Special characters ($ and `) are not escaped in PowerShell strings
  • [DEPL-4635] - Error or incorrect behaviour on update to package that adds or removes embeddeds
  • [DEPL-4642] - Old-style 'DeploymentStep' steps causes exception during planning
  • [DEPL-4656] - Check connection fails for overthere.SshHost with SUDO connection type
  • [DEPL-4664] - Tooltip mentions magic placeholder values <EMPTY> and <IGNORE> but should be <empty> and <ignore>
  • [DEPL-4701] - Tighten permission checks in Task Web Service
  • [DEPL-4705] - Rollback of an update deployment is incorrect
  • [DEPL-4706] - Duplicate type definition accepted
  • [DEPL-4717] - Closing a control task window does not cancel the task
  • [DEPL-4718] - MSSQL wrapper script should not add transaction
  • [DEPL-4725] - Repository Garbage sometimes can not be started (again)
  • [DEPL-4734] - ItemConflictException when rolling back a deployment with an embedded CI
  • [DEPL-4739] - RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassCastException [/deployment/validate]: com.xebialabs.deployit.engine.api.dto.ValidatedConfigurationItem cannot be cast to com.xebialabs.deployit.plugin.api.udm.Deployed
  • [DEPL-4743] - Import breaks with large file.Folder artifacts
  • [DEPL-4753] - Workdirs are not cleaned up after a task has finished
  • [DEPL-4776] - Deployit does not shut down properly via REST call
  • [DEPL-4778] - Default admin password is not set in complete setup mode
  • [DEPL-4799] - User cannot authenticate against LDAP if member of a group containing a special character
  • [DEPL-4812] - Python daemon does not work over TELNET connections when connecting from a Windows machine
  • [DEPL-4828] - When no BOM is detected, the default charset is used
  • [DEPL-4853] - Fix overlapping 'Full Screen' and 'Close Window' icons
  • [DEPL-4861] - Check connection task succeeds even for non-zero exit code of the command
  • [DEPL-4883] - Exceptions are not properly printed when a CLI Python script is run using the -f flag
  • [DEPL-4886] - Fix placeholder replacement in folder artifacts named as x.zip
  • [DEPL-4891] - Long names not well visible in Release Dashboard pipelines
  • [DEPL-4904] - Timer already cancelled
  • [DEPL-4949] - Username and password not used when deploying to sql.Db2Client
  • [DEPL-4969] - Do not call validator when optional property is not filled in
  • [DEPL-4998] - Add ability to connect to DB2 with a specific user
  • [DEPL-5001] - Update packaging manual with embedded CIs in XML manifest format
  • [DEPL-5009] - Python daemon fails in some setups since Deployit 3.9.3
  • [DEPL-5055] - Checksums are written excluding leading zeroes

Plugins released since Deployit 3.9.0 (latest versions only)

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