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XebiaLabs is committed to continuously improving our products to deliver more value and functionality. Our products evolve as part of this process as we regularly add new functionality and new APIs. In addition, we occasionally remove APIs that have become outdated or that fail to meet tomorrow's needs.

To allow our customers to anticipate the removal of APIs, we use the process of deprecation. Deprecating an API means that it will be removed as part of the next major release.

With every major release, we provide an upgrade manual that:

  • Identifies the APIs that have been removed
  • Communicates the APIs that have been deprecated in the release (and will be removed as part of the next major release)
  • Describes the APIs that you can use to achieve the same results, if available

If the migration to a different API requires particular consideration, we supply a migration guide to help you in this process.

If you have any questions or we can assist in any way, please contact us.

Best Regards,

Martin van Vliet
VP, Development

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