XL Deploy 4.5.0 released


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 4.5.0. This new major version of XL Deploy includes the Configuration Compare feature to address configuration drift, a new Rules DSL to make it even easier to extend and customize XL Deploy and a UI extension mechanism that allows you to add new HTML5-based user interface components to XL Deploy.

We've also implemented a number of feature requests such as the ability to close all tabs or delete multiple items. And we've added some other cool stuff like tab completion in the CLI and a "tip of the day" when you start up XL Deploy.

The middleware plugins have also received a lot of attention:

  • A new version of the WAS plugin was released recently that includes out-of-the-box support for even more of the functionality of IBM WebSphere Application Server.
  • We'll soon be releasing a new version of the JBossDM plugin that adds support for Wildfly 8.
  • And we'll also be releasing a new version of the BigIP plugin that adds support for F5 BigIP 11.
  • Watch this forum for the release announcements of those middleware plugins!

Please see below for the release notes and don't forget to review the upgrade manual for general upgrade instructions as well as version-specific upgrade instructions and deprecation notes.

Kind regards,
The XebiaLabs Team.

Major new features:

  • Configuration Compare

    • New configuration comparison option based on XL Deploy's extensible discovery mechanism.
    • Compare multiple live environments, as well as existing items in XL Deploy's repository with live state.
  • Rules DSL

    • Rules define the behavior of a plugin.
    • Rules can be used to add behavior to an existing plugin.
    • Rules can be used to change or disable behavior of an existing plugin.
    • Rules can be defined in XML or in Jython. No Java required.
    • XL Deploy ships with a set of standard steps that can be used by rules such as:
      • Upload an artifact to a remote machine.
      • Execute a script on a remote machine.
    • Existing plugins are fully backwards-compatible.
  • UI extensions

    • Modular extension capability for the UI.
    • Add new menu items to create your own screens and dashboards.
    • Fully HTML5 based.
    • Also define additional HTTP endpoints to easily add functionality.


  • [DEPL-1231] - Delete multiple items at once from the GUI and the CLI
  • [DEPL-2586] - Add "close all tabs" button to deployment and repository browsers
  • [DEPL-4889] - Allow repository keystore password to be specified without appearing on the command line
  • [DEPL-4943] - Expose createdAt, createdBy, lastModifiedAt and lastModifiedBy attributes of configuration items
  • [DEPL-5170] - Add support for PostgreSQL
  • [DEPL-6004] - Expose limited task information to ExecutionContext
  • [DEPL-6030] - Automatically encrypt keystore.password and keystore.keypassword properties in server configuration file
  • [DEPL-6382] - Stop cli.cmd on windows from closing the CMD window on error
  • [DEPL-6402] - Add tab completion to the XLD CLI
  • [DEPL-6423] - Support file placeholders in .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz archives and similar formats

Bug fixes:

  • [DEPL-5444] - Tasks do not respond to 'Stop' or 'Abort' commands when STOPPING
  • [DEPL-5906] - DAR export exposes passwords
  • [DEPL-5908] - Remote booter does not work when XL Deploy is proxied by a server using Server Name Identification
  • [DEPL-6011] - In database plugin when using dependencies for rollback scripts the sub-folder are not uploaded to the target host
  • [DEPL-6057] - Running the garbage collector results in dead letter
  • [DEPL-6089] - Not possible to use placeholder ${deployed.deployable.file} when extending generic.ExecutedScript
  • [DEPL-6246] - ConcurrentModificationException when using uploadArtifactData and exposePreviousDeployed
  • [DEPL-6285] - Regression in UI on authentication failure
  • [DEPL-6363] - Don't allow user to copy passwords from CI properties in the GUI
  • [DEPL-6381] - Error setting CI reference on the deployed user interface
  • [DEPL-6414] - Support aliased properties in XML importer
  • [DEPL-6417] - Freemarker resolver fails to resolve CI property of type list
  • [DEPL-6435] - Staging step does not close Overthere connections
  • [DEPL-6579] - Tasks do not respond to 'Stop' or 'Abort' commands when FAILING