XL Deploy 4.5.1 released


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 4.5.1. This minor version of XL Deploy includes security updates, improvements and bug fixes.

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade manual for general upgrade instructions as well as version-specific upgrade instructions and deprecation notes.

Kind regards,
The XebiaLabs Team.

Security fixes

  • [DEPL-6642] - Upgrade commons-fileupload to avoid security risks CVE-2013-0248, CVE-2014-0050
  • [DEPL-6643] - Upgrade Jackrabbit to avoid security risk JCR-3630 XSS
  • [DEPL-6644] - Upgrade Spring framework to avoid security risk CVE-2013-7315
  • [DEPL-6645] - Upgrade RESTEasy to avoid security risks RESTEASY-662, RESTEASY-669, RESTEASY-670
  • [DEPL-6646] - Upgrade Spring Security and Spring Security LDAP to avoid security risk CVE-2014-0097
  • [DEPL-6647] - Remove AntiSamy and Xerces to avoid security risk CVE-2009-2625
  • [DEPL-6661] - Upgrade to xstream 1.4.7 to avoid security risk CVE-2013-7285


  • [DEPL-6419] - Deprecate targetFileName property of file.Folder type

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-6676] - No error message is shown in the GUI if an error occurs in an orchestrator
  • [DEPL-6687] - Password properties are not obfuscated when previewing an os-script step
  • [DEPL-6691] - GUI does not work with debug version of Flash player
  • [DEPL-6692] - Cannot access a synthetic property of kind SET_OF_CI or SET_OF_STRING in a Jython planning script
  • [DEPL-6701] - NoSuchElementException when upgrading a composite package
  • [DEPL-6702] - Cannot close permissions tab
  • [DEPL-6707] - $deployed.file does not work in FreeMarker templates
  • [DEPL-6711] - NullPointerExpression when pressing the Tab key on the username or password prompt in the CLI
  • [DEPL-6724] - Cannot retry a failed upload, template, delete or os-script step
  • [DEPL-6740] - Cannot start jython or os-script steps after restarting the XLD server
  • [DEPL-6748] - Temporary folders in the work directory are not deleted when using the plan analyzer
  • [DEPL-6764] - Remote booter does not fill default values for properties
  • [DEPL-6781] - SSL keystore passwords are not migrated properly from pre-4.5.0 versions
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