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The Essentials

  • We value questions from our users on how to tackle challenges they are facing, and encourage them to share solutions they've found with other users
  • Users share their challenges through our product forums, which our teams regularly review. If you feel approaches suggested are unlikely to work for you, you can get in touch with the XebiaLabs PM team
  • Our forums are an important channel of suggestions for us, and are one of many factors that determine our product roadmap
  • You can track the progress and estimated release date and version of improvements and fixes via our Fix Tracker

Process at-a-Glance

Our User Input Process in Detail

You, our users, are the experts who are using our products on a day-to-day basis. Our teams are very interested to learn more about your experience with our tools, and we encourage you to share your challenges, and help other users tackle theirs, via our forums.

If the suggestions coming out of the community do not point to an approach that you think could work, you can contact our Product Management team to take the discussion further.

If You're Looking For Suggestions on How To Tackle a Challenge With a XebiaLabs Product...

  1. Please check to see if your situation is already covered by an existing forum post. If so, please add a comment to that post describing your use case.
  2. If there is no existing discussion that could be applicable to your situation, please create a new post in the appropriate product forum (XL Release here, XL Deploy here, XL TestView here). Please provide as much detail about the underlying use case(s) as possible.
  3. If you have discussed your challenge with someone from the XebiaLabs team, they may create a post in your name, if you have a Zendesk account. Just so you don't get surprised ;-)

Getting In Touch With the XebiaLabs PM Team

  1. If the forum discussion does not point in the direction of a solution that you think could work for you, please get in touch with the XebiaLabs PM Team. You can contact the team using your XebiaLabs support account:

  2. If the discussion with the team results in the decision to implement additional functionality in the product(s), we will create one or more stories in our internal issue tracker. The team will add a comment to the ticket with the issue numbers of the created stories.

Tracking the Progress of Stories

  1. You can track the progress of smaller improvements and fixes, using the issue numbers, via the XebiaLabs Fix Tracker.
  2. As the issues are implemented, they may be included in our preview builds. We highly encourage you to download the relevant preview builds to try out the new functionality and provide feedback.
  3. If the Fix Tracker doesn't return any results for any of the issue numbers provided, please add a comment to the Change ticket indicating that.

If You're Still Looking For a Different Way to Solve Your Challenge...

XebiaLabs products have powerful and flexible extension APIs. If you would like to add a particular piece of additional functionality, it may be possible to develop the feature as a plugin. See the documentation for details and examples.

If you require significant customizations or extensions, you can also contact our sales team to discuss additional implementation options.

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