XL Deploy 4.0.1 released


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are please to announce the release of XL Deploy 4.0.1. This is a maintenance release.


  • Documented how to upload an application into a directory
  • Documented use of tar/xcopy/etc and file copy semantics introduced in XL Deploy 4.0.0


  • [DEPL-5340] - Improve filtering of possible values for a CI, SET_OF_CI or LIST_OF_CI property shown in UI
  • [DEPL-5517] - Use filename in Content-Disposition when downloading a package for import
  • [DEPL-5668] - Previous button disabled when discovery fails (REGRESSION)
  • [DEPL-5735] - Allow file copy buffer size to be configured
  • [DEPL-5800] - Add a method __contains__ in CI.py to be able to use "IN"
  • [DEPL-5856] - Implement HTTP access logs

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-2934] - Wrong times displayed for deployments in "Deployments in date range report"
  • [DEPL-3625] - Removed unneeded 'create directory' step in upgrade process
  • [DEPL-4936] - Cannot import package that has a CI with an embedded LIST_OF_CI property
  • [DEPL-5325] - Python daemon does not work over CIFS/WINRM_NATIVE connections
  • [DEPL-5355] - Ensure application names are unique
  • [DEPL-5639] - Extraneous character at end of Customization Manual
  • [DEPL-5652] - Unable to downloads DARs from a URL for import (REGRESSION)
  • [DEPL-5663] - Missing quotation marks in CI example
  • [DEPL-5669] - Type-modifications are applied in the wrong order
  • [DEPL-5730] - Allow user to enable pre-4.0.0 file/folder copy behaviour
  • [DEPL-5731] - Cannot use WINRM_NATIVE with a password containing special characters (&#$!*)
  • [DEPL-5774] - Release notes/upgrade manual for XL Deploy 4.0.0 do not mention that it is no longer possible to manually reorder steps
  • [DEPL-5789] - Short-circuit copy of directories does not work on AIX
  • [DEPL-5792] - Typo in CLI ci.py InterceptedMap eq implementation
  • [DEPL-5845] - Property suPassword on overthere.SshHost is not a password property
  • [DEPL-5847] - Python daemon does not work over SSH/SU connections
  • [DEPL-5858] - Hidden properties should be ignored by the importer
  • [DEPL-5870] - Cannot copy step log in hierarchical task view (REGRESSION)
  • [DEPL-5895] - The db2Home property is not used in the Db2Client script files
  • [DEPL-5931] - Staging can leave artifact files in the temporary directory
  • [DEPL-5939] - Race-condition match-error in par-tasker
  • [DEPL-6003] - taskId, stepDescription and username not added to MDC

Kind regards,

   The XebiaLabs Team.