System administration features in XL Deploy 5.0.0 - RESULTS


Vincent Partington -

Hi all,

Three weeks ago I asked you for your input on the system administration features you'd like to see for XL Deploy 5.0.0. And you replied with your personal top 5's. Thank you for that feedback and for the feedback you gave in the Google Hangout we did last week!

So, after tallying the votes, we've decided to implement the following 6 features in XL Deploy 5.0.0:

  1. Automatically purge packages according to a user defined policy.
  2. Automated upgrader for XLD.
  3. Export/import (parts of) the repository.
  4. Maintenance mode/graceful shutdown.
  5. Run as a service.
  6. Support external artifact stores.

We're planning to release a public XL Deploy 5.0.0-beta-1 with a few of these features in January 2015, so make sure you're subscribed to this forum to see the announcement.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and have a good weekend!

Kind regards, Vincent Partington.