Introducing the XebiaLabs Fix Tracker


Andrew Phillips -

What is the Fix Tracker?

The XebiaLabs Fix Tracker (if you've heard the term "XebiaLabs Development Dashboard" - that was the old name for this) shows the fixes and improvements in planned major and maintenance releases of XebiaLabs products and plugins. You can use the dashboard to search for the estimated release date and version of a particular issue (such as an issue created as the result of getting in touch with the PM team), or simply to see what's coming up.

Please bear in mind that the dates and release versions given are estimates only.

Where can I access the Fix Tracker?

You can access the Fix Tracker here. Here's a few screenshots to give you an idea of what it looks like:



Search by Issue Number



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    Bernie Bonn

    This is fantastic.  Can't wait to see it.   Thanks guys.

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    XebiaLabs Support

    The Development Dashboard is now available at!

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    Andrew Phillips

    > The Development Dashboard is now available at!

    Yeehaa! Great!


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    Bernie Bonn

    Awesome job guys!   This will be very helpful for us when providing status updates to the enterprise.  Thanks!