Introducing XL Release 4.6.0


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Release 4.6.0. In this major version:

  • Performance and usability have been improved
  • The repository is faster and more efficient
  • Several new maintenance and administration features have been added

Restart a phase from a specific task

You can now restart a phase in a running release, either from the beginning of the phase or from a specific task in the phase.

When you restart a phase, the release is automatically paused, and you can choose whether to resume it right away or to wait until later. This gives you the opportunity to update variables, change task assignees, adjust due dates, and make any other changes that are needed.

Automatically purge completed and aborted releases

XL Release can now automatically purge completed and aborted releases that are older than a configurable amount of time. This improves performance when you have many completed and aborted releases.

New community plugins

Several new XL Release community plugins are now available on GitHub:

Upgrade instructions

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade manual for important information about upgrading to XL Release 4.6.0.

New features

  • [REL-1084] - Allow user to restart from a certain task in a phase
  • [REL-2136] - Allow adding comments to closed/completed tasks
  • [REL-2190] - Rename "Online support" Help link to "Submit a support request"
  • [REL-2191] - Add a "Suggest a feature" link to the Help menu under "Submit a support request"
  • [REL-2292] - Provide community plugin to gather key metrics about an XL* installation
  • [REL-2333] - Update redirect links for "Submit a support request" and "Suggest a feature"
  • [REL-2342] - Provide community plugin for hot backup of XL* repository
  • [REL-2352] - Automatically purge completed releases after a configurable amount of time
  • [REL-2389] - Provide community plugin for shrinking of XL* repository


  • [REL-2230] - Rename release filter options to make them easier to understand
  • [REL-2234] - Improve versioning and upgrade semantics
  • [REL-2245] - Do not escape "<" and ">" symbols in Markdown code sections
  • [REL-2246] - Remove obsolete web resources, Jackrabbit web libraries and antisamy
  • [REL-2293] - Optimize query performance by disabling CI versioning

Bug fixes

  • [REL-2277] - Fixed issue in Jenkins task that would occur if the list of actions returned by Jenkins includes null
  • [REL-2336] - Fixed issue where repository would grow every time a trigger is run
  • [REL-2348] - Fixed "Out of memory" error when using the public Search API


Download the release here.

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