XL Deploy 4.5.3 released


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 4.5.3. This minor version of XL Deploy includes maintenance improvements and bug fixes.

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade manual for general upgrade instructions as well as specific upgrade instructions and deprecation notes.

This release contains an automatic repository upgrade, the first start of XL Deploy has to be executed interactively (see step 13 of server upgrade instructions).

Kind regards,
The XebiaLabs Team.

Major changes

  • The SHA-1 checksum algorithm now accounts for empty files and file paths when calculating checksums for folder artifacts.
  • The script-path parameter of the jython step primitive has been deprecated in favor of the new script parameter.


  • [DEPL-6727] - Query for returning the results of version property in the udm.DeployedApplication take a lot of time in big repositories
  • [DEPL-6978] - Show error message for unsupported browser versions
  • [DEPL-7382] - Make mail-related parameter options for the manual step optional
  • [DEPL-7870] - Access the ExecutionContext from a FreeMarker template in the Generic plugin

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-4590] - Checksum of empty files is not computed properly
  • [DEPL-5470] - Error when selecting many deployables and using the 'map selected' button
  • [DEPL-5638] - Should not be able to skip a pause step
  • [DEPL-6705] - "Next" button on the deployment workspace is disabled if no deployables are mapped
  • [DEPL-6863] - setup-defaults with reinitialize does not generate keystore file
  • [DEPL-6901] - Report filtering does not consider that UTC may be one day ahead
  • [DEPL-7152] - Expose uploaded OverthereFile in FreeMarker templates in os-script step primitive
  • [DEPL-7158] - Expose the deployed and previousDeployed as calculated step parameters
  • [DEPL-7261] - Remove dependency on newer guava versions in remote-booter
  • [DEPL-7267] - PlannerException: None.get when updating a composite package
  • [DEPL-7384] - Type modification in synthetic.xml contained within plugin fails to override property
  • [DEPL-7509] - Add optional script parameter to Jython step primitive and remove the script-path parameter
  • [DEPL-7550] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded on XLD
  • [DEPL-7572] - Generic plugin uploads the artifact 3 times
  • [DEPL-7573] - In the generic plugin, upload the artifact associated with the previous deployed upon MODIFY step
  • [DEPL-7623] - Passwords are not masked in script logs of generic, python and powershell plugin
  • [DEPL-7668] - Deployment properties are not always set during rollback
  • [DEPL-7762] - Cannot override a script defined in a rule packaged in a jar file
  • [DEPL-7778] - GarbageCollector task is not automatically archived after successfully executed
  • [DEPL-7784] - Encrypted dictionary entries are exposed when used as placeholders in a CI property that is not password enabled
  • [DEPL-7785] - Passwords are not masked in step previews of generic plugin and os script step
  • [DEPL-7786] - GET /role/roles/{username} in RoleService is broken
  • [DEPL-7867] - Do not cache configuration item information when performing repositoryResource.query in script
  • [DEPL-7869] - Prevent linking of non-readable CI's
  • [DEPL-7893] - A user can drag and drop CI to a Directory that he has only read permissions
  • [DEPL-7931] - Instruction step exposes passwords in log