Introducing XL Release 4.7.0


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Release 4.7.0. In this major version:

  • The release archiving feature has been introduced to improve performance
  • Two new ways to extend XL Release have been introduced
  • XL Release has been upgraded for the newest versions of Jython and Spring Security


Download the release at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site.

Automatically archive completed and aborted releases

XL Release can now automatically archive completed and aborted releases older than a configurable amount of time. This improves performance and makes the repository faster and more efficient.

Archived releases appear in reports such as the release automation report and the release value stream report. You cannot modify archived releases, but you can download any files that are attached to them.

You can configure the duration after which XL Release will archive a completed release in the general settings.

Important: By default, all releases are archived immediately as soon as the server is started after upgrading to 4.7.0. For information about changing this to a longer period, refer to the version-specific upgrade notes.

The archiving feature replaces the purging feature that was introduced in XL Release 4.6.0. Purging is no longer available in XL Release.

Support Jython-based export hooks

XL Release now supports hooks that you can use to export information about completed releases to an external reporting database. Export hooks are written in Jython and can be added to XL Release as a JAR file or by placing files in the XL Release classpath.

You can define export hooks in two ways: generic export hooks that you can use to export information to any type of storage, and JDBC export hooks that can export data to an SQL database.

A sample export hook implementation is available on GitHub.

Upgraded Jython and Spring Security

XL Release has been upgraded from using Jython version 2.5 to 2.7 and has also been upgraded from using Spring Security version 3.2.5 to 4.0.1. Please refer to Migrate to XL Release 4.7.0 for more information.

Upgrade instructions

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade procedure and the version-specific upgrade notes for important information about upgrading to XL Release 4.7.0.

New features

  • [REL-2354] - Export completed releases to the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2355] - Open archived releases from the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2356] - Allow users to define generic export hooks
  • [REL-2358] - Allow users to define JDBC export hooks
  • [REL-2394] - Archive completed releases just before they are purged
  • [REL-2395] - Export attachments of completed releases to the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2407] - Update release automation reports to query the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2408] - Update release value stream reports to query the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2409] - Update dashboard reports to query the internal reporting database
  • [REL-2410] - Immediately archive completed releases by default
  • [REL-2413] - Upgrade Jython to 2.7.0
  • [REL-2424] - Show archived releases in Release Overview and Calendar
  • [REL-2460] - Disable versioning of Directories


  • [REL-2273] - Restrict script permissions only for Script task
  • [REL-2378] - Show executed time on automated tasks also during the release
  • [REL-2400] - Show clear error message when using Internet Explorer 8 to access the XL Release user interface
  • [REL-2402] - Prevent long release names from hiding graphs in the release automation report
  • [REL-2430] - Allow the task owner to retry an automated task after failure
  • [REL-2456] - Easier passing of variables to StartRelease
  • [REL-2470] - Add support for PATCH method on HttpRequest in Python scripting
  • [REL-2478] - Support UTF-8 in Notification task
  • [REL-2484] - Make sure end date is populated for all aborted releases
  • [REL-2485] - Redirect to originally requested page after user logs in
  • [REL-418] - Improve printing from user interface

Bug fixes

  • [REL-1825] - Fixed issue where Jenkins plugin failed when Jenkins security was enabled
  • [REL-2202] - Fixed rendering of timeline in release summary
  • [REL-2282] - Fixed issue where newlines could not be used in the description for a JIRA issue
  • [REL-2341] - Fixed issue where REST call to start release failed if the duration in the template properties was edited manually
  • [REL-2373] - Fixed issue where task was not editable after dragging in Firefox
  • [REL-2399] - Fixed issue where completed releases could not be purged when referenced by an active gate
  • [REL-2431] - Fixed issue where a phase containing a nested parallel group could not be restarted
  • [REL-2458] - Support "remove versions" upgrade with external removal of versioning database
  • [REL-2480] - Fixed issue where templates from version of XL Release prior to 4.6.0 could not be imported into XL Release 4.6.0 and up
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