XL Deploy 4.0.4 released


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 4.0.4. This minor version of XL Deploy includes improvements and bug fixes.

Please note that this will be the final maintenance release for XL Deploy 4.0.x. XL Deploy 4.0.x will reach end-of-life status on August 29, 2015.


You can download the release at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site.

Upgrade instructions

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade procedure described in the Upgrade Manual.


  • [DEPL-8521] - Upgraded Apache HttpComponents HttpClient to 4.4.1 to mitigate CVE-2014-3577
  • [DEPL-5680] - Only stage identical artifacts to the same host once

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-8210] - Fixed issue where Deployit401ArchivedTaskDateUtcConversion upgrader was slow and/or causing OutOfMemoryErrors
  • [DEPL-8169] - Fixed issue where "Cannot delete workdir" error appeared when updating a deployed application
  • [DEPL-7128] - Fixed issue where starting CLI on Windows with -password parameter failed if the password contained special characters