XL Deploy 5.0.1 released


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 5.0.1.

This minor version of XL Deploy includes improvements and bug fixes.


You can download the release at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site.

Upgrade instructions

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade procedure and important upgrade information that is specific to this version.


  • [DEPL-8053] - Fixed issue where progress bar would freeze when upload reached 100% but server was still processing the file

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-6780] - Fixed issue where tips of the day/startup window does not show images properly if XLD server is running on a non-standard context path
  • [DEPL-7128] - Fixed issue where starting CLI on Windows with -password parameter failed if the password contained special characters
  • [DEPL-7341] - Fixed issue where socketTimeout was not configurable in the CLI
  • [DEPL-7530] - Document networking configuration prerequisites for XLD installation (when java.net.UnknownHostException occurs)
  • [DEPL-7777] - Document deployit.runGarbageCollector would only clear disk space after the XLD server is restarted
  • [DEPL-8135] - Fixed issue where "Add" button in the "orchestrator" property did not respond
  • [DEPL-8208] - Fixed issue where REST extensions assume Basic auth headers are present
  • [DEPL-8238] - Fixed issue where trigger plugin doesn't use mail.SmtpServer fromAddress when no address is specified on trigger.EmailNotification
  • [DEPL-8272] - Fixed issue where repository.getArchivedTasksList failed if there were tasks from Deployit 3.9.x or earlier
  • [DEPL-8281] - Fixed issue that prevented XLDP versions of XL Scale plugins from running in XL Deploy 5.0.0
  • [DEPL-8291] - Fixed issue that caused orchestrators to be discarded during an update deployment
  • [DEPL-8293] - Fixed issue where scheduler creates a burst of executions if system time is moved into future
  • [DEPL-8296] - Fixed issue where tasks marked as non-archivable were always archived by the execution engine
  • [DEPL-8344] - Fixed issue where resources were deployed during an update even if they did not change
  • [DEPL-8349] - Fixed issue where deployment would hang and log file shows "ERROR akka.actor.OneForOneStrategy - next on empty iterator"
  • [DEPL-8350] - Fixed issue where invoking garbage collection caused thread leaks
  • [DEPL-8351] - Fixed NoClassDefFoundError in satellite when restarted after plugins were synchronized
  • [DEPL-8366] - Fixed issue where changing the task state from a listener caused a thread leak
  • [DEPL-8376] - Fixed issue where update of sql.SqlScripts with executeModifiedScripts=true would not execute scripts if the file length did not change
  • [DEPL-8393] - Fixed XLD satellite actor system not starting when SSL is disabled
  • [DEPL-8399] - Fixed issue where os-script fails when copying files within tmp directory on overthere.CifsHost
  • [DEPL-8418] - Fixed issue where deployment packages inside composite packages were not recognized as deployed in policy.PackageRetentionPolicy
  • [DEPL-8430] - Upgrade overthere library to the version 4.0.1 that fixes DEPL-8399

Kind regards,
The XebiaLabs Team