Migrating to Java 8 in upcoming product releases


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear XebiaLabs community,

In April 2015, public support for Java SE 7 ended, meaning it will no longer receive security updates. Its successor, Java SE 8, has been available since March 2014 and is considered stable.

To ensure that our products to take advantage of the latest Java technology, security, and libraries, XebiaLabs will migrate all products to Java 8 in the following upcoming major versions:

  • XL Deploy 5.5.0
  • XL Release 4.8.0
  • XL TestView 1.4.0

Java 8 will be required for these versions of XebiaLabs products and their plugins (including XL Deploy satellites). Java 8 will also be required for Maven instances and Jenkins masters and slaves that use XebiaLabs plugins.

Previous versions of XebiaLabs products will continue to be supported on Java 7.

Keep an eye on our Fix Tracker for the estimated release dates of XL Deploy, XL Release, and XL TestView.