XL Deploy 5.1.3 released


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Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 5.1.3. This minor version of XL Deploy includes bug fixes and improvements.


You can download the release at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site.

Upgrade instructions

Please see below for the release notes. Don't forget to review the upgrade procedure before upgrading.


  • [DEPL-8894] - Satellite sync and restart fails on Windows when YAJSW is used to manage satellite as a service 
  • [DEPL-9083] - Upgrade commons-collections to the latest version 
  • [DEPL-9091] - Increase default XL Deploy startup timeout for service wrapper
  • [DEPL-9094] - When importing a package, validate security roles that are set on udm.Version
  • [DEPL-9097] - Ignore 'transient' properties when doing delta calculation

Bug fixes

  • [DEPL-8619] - Deployment occasionally fails with "Cannot mkdir local:work/..." error message
  • [DEPL-8742] - Package import wizard fails with a 404 error if XL Deploy uses a custom context root
  • [DEPL-8867] - repository.exportCisAndWait and repository.importCisAndWait fail if XL Deploy uses a custom context root
  • [DEPL-8899] - Work folder consumes a large amount of disk space while deploying large artifacts 
  • [DEPL-8941] - Renaming a deployed causes all other deployeds mapped from the same deployable to be removed
  • [DEPL-9021] - XL Deploy satellite timeout for streaming files is too short
  • [DEPL-9052] - Syncing plugins on satellite fails with "ERROR akka.actor.OneForOneStrategy - actor name [ac5052b9-f232-4352-8976-da47c34e3ebe] is not unique!"
  • [DEPL-9129] - Rollback fails for deployments with parallel orchestrator
  • [DEPL-9153] - Compatibility issues with plugins during deployment with a NoSuchMethodError message



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