A duplicate name exists on the network.


Adam Adrianson -


"A duplicate name exists on the network." is returned when running Check Connection on an overthere.CifsHost configured with a domain name. Check connection is successful when using the IP address instead.


XL Deploy, Windows, CIFS, DNS


Create a new 32bit DWORD named DisableStrictNameChecking and set its value to 1 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > lanmanserver > Parameters

In an Administrator command prompt, run - sc stop LanmanServer, and then - sc start LanmanServer

You may also need to proceed with below,

- SPN created on the remote server: setspn –S host/<hostname.domain.name> <hostname>

- SPN created on the remote server: setspn –S host/<hostname> <hostname>


The root of the issue is related to how older smb implementations (including the current jcifs that ships with XL Deploy) work with a host who's IP address is resolved to by more than one name. Often it is when a computer name record and a CNAME in DNS point to the same IP address. This will happen with other name resolution as well (WINS, hosts file, etc).

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