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Dear XebiaLabs Community,

We launched our DevOps Analytics product XL Impact in Nov’17 to further help Enterprises optimize their DevOps transformations, drive ROI, and mitigate risk by using objective metrics mined from across their toolchain. The first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution, XL Impact delivers integrated KPIs to show the health of your Continuous Delivery pipeline.

With XL Impact, your DevOps teams will gain insights to the way they work in never-before-seen ways. By integrating data from various tools in your pipeline, it presents views into your process that are more than simple metrics dashboards. Whether you want to improve your delivery speed, increase quality, or even just eliminate bottlenecks to efficiency, XL Impact gives you the insights and recommendations you need to meet your goals.

Since the launch of the product, we have been striving to continuously improve XL Impact by introducing more and more features to align with our customers’ needs. And now we are pleased to announce the next release of XL Impact as part of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 7.6.0.

In this 7.6.0 release we’re proud to announce an expansion of an important feature:

More advanced goal-setting for your teams: Set goals and measure progress

When it comes to accelerating DevOps transformation at your company, XL Impact gives you a data-driven ability to accelerate your DevOps transformation. A key differentiator for XL Impact is that it is goal-based. In version 7.6.0, it gets even better – we have added the capability to select which goals are relevant as your transformation milestones and to set thresholds and due dates for those goals. Now you can choose “by how much” and “when” and track your progress towards those goals. For example, you can set a goal threshold for increasing the speed of your application delivery by X% and by a specific due date. After you set the targets, XL Impact automatically tracks your team’s progress towards those goals.

To use this feature:

XL Impact is delivered as SaaS so this new feature is automatically available for customers.

To try XL Impact, please contact XebiaLabs. https://xebialabs.com/contact/

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