XL Deploy 7.6.0 released


XebiaLabs Support -

Dear XebiaLabs community,

We are pleased to announce the release of XL Deploy 7.6.0. Here are some of the highlights.

New features in the HTML5-based user interface

In the new, HTML5-based user interface:

  • The Deployment Pipeline has been enhanced to make it easier to promote versions of applications through the pipeline
  • The performance of the Explorer tree has been dramatically improved to support users with almost any number of configuration items
  • The Deployment Workspace now has adjustable column widths, making it easier to work with configuration items with very long names
  • You can accept a confirmation dialog by pressing Enter or cancel it by pressing Escape

Flash-based user interface is deprecated

It is important to note that the legacy Flash-based UI is deprecated and will not be available by default in the XL Deploy 8.0.0 release. We ask that you start taking advantage of the new HTML5-based UI and contact our Support Team with your feedback. 

Exciting Features Coming in 8.0

XL Deploy 7.6.0 lays the groundwork for exciting features that will be delivered in in XL Deploy 8.0.0. This includes Package as Code, which allows packages to defined in the Deployfile as well as Situational Awareness, which will give users better insight into relationships and dependencies between their applications, environments, infrastructure and dictionaries.


You can download the release at the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site. Before upgrading, please read about the changes in the release manual and review the upgrade instructions.


XL Deploy 7.6.0 is a short-term support (STS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the next STS or long-term support (LTS) version. For more information, refer to Supported XebiaLabs product versions.