How to not have to put repository keystore password in every time?


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While installing your XL Deploy and XL Release, you specified a password when prompted for "Please enter the password you wish to use for the password encryption key". So now, every time you start up (one of) these applications, you need to enter this repository keystore password. This is not ideal if you want to start your XL Deploy/Release without the need to for any interaction (like starting it as a service or via a script).


XL Deploy, XL Release


You can store the repository password into the configuration file. These are the steps to follow:

1)   Go to your HOME\conf directory

2a) For XL Deploy open the deployit.conf

2b) For XL Release open the xl-release-server.conf

3)  Add the additionally entry:


4) Replace  " YOUR_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD "  with your own password
5) Make sure you restart your XL Deploy or XL Release

The application will automatically encrypt the password upon restart.

Additional Information

There would be no security concerns here, as the password will be encrypted upon restart. 


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