How to fix special characters (ü or ß) when they turned into '?' in a template?


Daphne Burgerhoudt -


When you export your XL Release template and try to import again, all your special caracters like ü, è, ß, ó, etc. are all transformed into a question mark '?'.


XL Release


Assuming that you are running XLR as a service, you can solve this to adit you service wrapper configuration. Add the following to XLR_HOME/conf/xlr-wrapper-linux.conf

#if using Oracle JDK


#if using IBM JDK

Do not forget to restart your XL Release!
Now export your template again and when you import that exported template again, you will see the special characters back in your template.


This could be due to the locale settings of the user account that runs XLR service.

Additional Information

We tested this in XL Release version 7.6.1.


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