How to Use the DB Writer Tool to Change the State of an XL Release Task or a Release


Phil -

You can use the db-writer tool to change the status of the release task (i.e. from "in-progress" to "failed").


Please follow these instructions:

  1. Get the ID of the release you want to edit (i.e. Release10fd44d627184735a7b902077b2afe6b). You don't need the full path with "Applications/...."
  2. Stop XLR
  3. Unzip the attached DB writer tool
  4. Update the with your DB configuration. You need the know your db url, username, password, and db driver name
  5. Copy your JDBC driver to database-writer-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT/lib
  6. Run ./bin/database-writer This will open the xlr-shell
  7. Read the release json from the xlr-shell (see example below). This will create a file inside the db-writer folder
  8. Make the necessary changes to your release
  9. Write the updated release json (see below)

Below is an example

Phils-MacBook-Pro:database-writer-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT psimon$ ./bin/database-writer

[xlr-shell]: read Release10fd44d627184735a7b902077b2afe6b file.json
[xlr-shell]: write Release10fd44d627184735a7b902077b2afe6b file.json
2018-08-16 15:04:16.682 INFO 37556 --- [ main] c.x.x.d.service.ReleaseService : writing release [Release7cafab64c53d44be9339f355ee68b1fd]
2018-08-16 15:04:16.683 INFO 37556 --- [ main] c.x.x.d.serviceleaseService : reading file [file.json]